Your counselling journey

I am an experienced humanistic integrative BACP-accredited therapeutic counsellor.  This means I am comfortable using different counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches to help you understand yourself better. 

Being humanistic or person-centered means I value the uniqueness of you, your experience, your beliefs, and your values. 

The co-creation of a therapeutic relationship based on mutual trust and respect provides you with a safe space to gain insight about and reconnect fully with yourself.

I believe each person has the capacity and should have the autonomy to fulfil their personal potential.  However, in our busy and demanding lives, it is all too easy to lose sight of who we are, what we want, what’s important and where we are going.  Counselling and psychotherapy provide a way to help you rebalance and find yourself.   Giving yourself time to just be, to talk freely and feel fully heard and understood leads to change, development, and personal growth.

I provide an open, confidential, and non-judgmental space where working collaboratively together, you come to understand how your life experience has influenced how you feel about yourself and some of the difficulties you may be experiencing now.

You may only want short-term work to focus on a specific problem or area of your life.  Perhaps you feel as if all your problems have been rammed into a suitcase, in a tangled mess, and the lid slammed shut so they can be forgotten about.  And maybe it feels terrifying to open it back up again for fear of what you might face.

Therapeutic counselling provides the space to help you open that suitcase, look inside, unpack, rearrange, or discard what is not needed, and repack that suitcase so that you can travel forward, unencumbered, on life’s journey.  For addressing specific issues or problem areas, a minimum of six consecutive weekly sessions allows time for the therapeutic relationship to develop.

Yet, given that many of the problems we experience in life today arise from early childhood, when patterns of belief and behaviour were set down and hard-wired into our deepest psyche, longer-term psychotherapeutic work is recommended to support deep and lasting change and growth.

As the therapeutic relationship is fundamental to the counselling process, it is so important you feel comfortable with whomever you choose as your therapist.  I offer an introductory 20-minute online session free of charge.  This allows us to meet and start exploring how we might work together.

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